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Galaga was released in 1981 by the Japanese company Namco, and was later released in America by Midway. Some early gamers might remember a similar game, “Galaxian,” which was released previously in 1979 — Galaga being an extremely popular sequel to Galaxian.


Galaga is a one or two person shooter game in which you are basically a spaceship at the bottom of a dark space-field. Suddenly, an army of geometrically-positioned alien spaceships descends, and you must defend yourself and your planet from annihilation! It’s actually a simple system (shoot the spaceships until they are all gone and also …don’t die) that becomes more difficult, as those spaceships move increasingly fast, and they do shoot back. They can also capture your ships. There are 255 levels to Galaga, so there’s plenty of game to challenge you.

Gamer’s tips:

In upper levels of the game, your partner spaceship may get stolen. If you can shoot the enemy ship that stole it, you will be awarded with a ship that has double firepower.

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  1. by Bueller… Bueller? September 24, 2018 8:15 pm

    Galaga is my favorite arcade game of that era (possibly of all-time). Indeed, yes!… I remember Galaxian as well from perhaps early 1980 or even late ’79. They seemed very similar to me but a few years may have passed between playing them each, so I wonder in what ways Galaga was different.
    By the mid 80’s my favorite was Time Pilot — a lesser-known, but also a fairly simple and satisfying “ship-shooting” game.

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