Frogger is a household name for any child of the 80’s. It was a popular game released in 1981 originally marketed as an arcade game produced by Konami. It has gained even more of a following over the years due to its simplistic nature and secret hidden bonuses.


The basic objective of the game is to transport your friend frogger- a tiny, pixelated green frog- across a busy thoroughfare and to his little froggy home across the pond. However, the challenge is that cars are always crossing, and they will run you over like heartless hit-and-run artists, not caring one whit for your little froggy soul. It’s a great game that uses timing skills, reflexes, and pattern recognition to make a great gaming interface.

Gamer’s tips:

Watch out for the purple frog that will sometimes appear on the logs or roadway. If you pick her up with your frog and take her to the end of the track, she’ll give you 200 extra points to thank you for the ride.

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July 8, 1981
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  1. by Totally Tubular September 21, 2018 9:49 pm

    I first played this game on my best friend, Chris’, Atari system. Now, did I have an Atari? NO way, that stuff was expensive back then! But luckily SOMEONE in every circle of friends had one and Frogger was a pretty fun game along with the Atari version of “Dungeons and Dragons”. Damn, how fun those pixelated characters were. It was new to us (in 1984-ish), so everything electronic was pretty exciting.

    • by Bueller… Bueller? October 17, 2018 4:47 pm

      Re: Dungeons … I still remember the hiss of the cobras and the growling of the dragon when near their darkened chamber. Many late nights playing that with friends, ahha! Re: Frogger… dude is a frog, why can’t he fall in the water?

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