Terminator 2: Pinball

T2 Judgement Day – the pinball game was released in the same month, July 1991, as the massively-popular movie of the same name.  During the development of the game’s artwork, the secrecy of the T-1000, liquid-metal-terminator dude, was so important that you will not find imagery of the T-1000 on the game cabinet anywhere.  The closest t ...


Turtles in Time

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Leo, Donny, Mikey and Raph, which one is your favorite? Each one has their own special move. This game is a classic 4-player side-scrolling beat’em up, and it may be one of the best of all time. Great animations, classic one-liners, ( “Shell-Shock!” )  that catchy music and a story line that takes yo ...